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The full package.

You want to have a Gamified Learning Experience or Serious Game to achieve your project targets? We support you on your exciting journey or can take care of the full package:

  • Analysis: Following the approach of Design Thinking, we will ask and answer a important questions, among them: What are your goals? What is the context of your project? Who is the target group? What is the use case and perspective of your user? Which are the context limitations and opportunities?

  • Conceptualization: We will co-create a Game Design document that really fits your context. This document serves as a blueprint for the development. Our strength is the integration of learning messages into the Game Design to create the right balance between fun and learning.

  • Development: Through the use of Agile Project Management, we will quickly respond to change and manage the cross-functional stakeholders who participate in the process, including game design, coding, visual art design, music etc.

  • Implementation: Together with you we will plan a Kick-off of the Gamified Learning Scenario or Serious Games including online and offline events as well as supporting the promotion campaign to reach out to your target group.

  • Evaluation: In all projects we include a scientific impact measurement system that collects direct, indirect, quantitative and qualitative data to prove the impact of our solutions and summarize it in a project report.

In the process, we are combining the approaches of Design Thinking, Game Design and Agile Project Management to best serve your agenda and satisfy the needs of your users. This process is complemented by a scientific Impact Measurement system that collects quantitative and qualitative data to prove the success of the intervention.

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