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ESG Gamification

Environmental, Social, Good Governance.

ESG is already a topic of highest importance for all bigger companies, but also SME's should be aware of the opportunities and risks that come along with ESG. Next to new reporting requirements (for instance the EU-Taxonomie and CSRD requirements), companies and institutions need to be aware of the possibilities that this broad topic offers. Gamification and Serious Games can help you to achieve your ESG-targets and become a pioneer in the topic.


Environmental impacts of the company such as the sustainable use of the natural ressources, direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions or the companies resilience against climate risks are part of the important pillar of ESG.

Mind Games contributed to the following projects on "Environmental":

  • Sabz - Serious Game on Reforestation in Afghanistan (More...)

  • Mama Atingi Shop - Serious Game on Sustainable Tourism (More...)

  • Every Spark Counts - Serious Game on Energy Efficiency (More...)

Solarmodule in den Bergen


The impact of the company or institution on its stakeholder environment including employees, partnering institutions, entire communities but also the topic of gender and inclusion are part of the ESG pillar of "Social".

Mind Games contributed to the following projects on "Social":

  • Arabia Felix - Serious Games on non-violent conflict transformation in Yemen (More...)

  • Social Innovation Hub - Serious Games and gamified systems to improve the conditions of the blue collar labour market in Egypt (More...)

  • What is yours and what you owe - Serious Game on Human Rights (More...)

  • Safe Sphere - Serious Game (Prototype) on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (More...)

Alle Hände rein

Good Governance

How the company or institution is managed in terms of integritiy, transparency and accountability related to ESG is subsumized under this pillar. It kind of builds the basis of E and S.
Mind Games contributed to the following projects on "Governance":

  • 2121 - Serious Game on Good Governance and Civic Participation (More...)

  • Mission 55: Conflict in Anaka - Serious Game on Good Governance and desaster and risk management (More...)

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